Andrzej Głuszek

Andrzej Gluszek studied painting in the years 1977–1982 at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts (formerly State College of Fine Arts) in Wroclaw. He received his diploma from Professor Konrad Jarodzki. Gluszek works as a painter and, periodically, as an interior designer, including the use of  illusionist painting and other decorating techniques. He has participated, among others, in artistic events such as the Festival of Contemporary Painting in Szczecin, National Exhibition of Painting “Bielsko Autumn” in Bielsko-Biala, or the International Autumn Salon of Art in Ostrow Swietokrzyski.

He was active in the most important artistic phenomena in the early 1980s – as a co-founder of the art magazines “Luxus” and “Gluszec”', or the author of artistic actions in Wroclaw (“Plastic Surgery” among others). He also assisted in the organization of the first happening, called the “Burning of Tubes”, by Orange Alternative (anti-communist underground movement) in Wroclaw.